Cut the Rope Creators Will Steal Your Free Time with King of Thieves

ZeptoLab, the stewards of the irrepressible Om Nom and his Cut the Rope franchise, are taking a break from games about candy-eating monsters. Their new project, King of Thieves, is a mobile midcore PvP title that’s all about protecting what’s precious: Treasure. Lots of it.

In King of Thieves, you’ll break into other players’ dungeons and attempt to grab their hoarded gold and jewels. Needless to say, other players will be prowling around your hoards too, and you must do whatever’s necessary to protect the goods. That includes making elaborate traps that keep the Greedy Gusses where they belong: Far away from your denaro.

What’s the justification for this dragon-like hoarding, though? Why can’t we share our wealth? Oh yeah – because that’s not as much fun as swimming in what we’ve garnered, Scrooge McDuck style.

The game saw a soft-launch last summer under the name Thieves, though slyly with another developer’s name in place of ZeptoLab to throw us off the trail. Still, that didn’t stop our Editor-in-Chief Jim Squires from downloading it. His impressions? “If Clash of Clans were an auto-running platformer, it would be King of Thieves.”

This screenshot is from the soft launch version. The final release in February may differ.

King of Thieves comes to iOS in February, and an Android release follows shortly thereafter. We’re sure to hear more about the art of robbery and defense as the release date draws closer.

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