Crossy Road Release Date Set for November 20th

By Jim Squires |

Remember that time we told you about Crossy Road, the debut title from Hipster Whale that’s an endless version on Frogger? No? That’s ok – we’re going to tell you about it again right now.

Specifically, we’re going to tell you that it’s coming out on November 20th.

I’ve been playing the game in pre-release, and Crossy Road has proven to be the kind of high-score drive that pulls me back time and time again. It’s not brutally difficult (ie, this isn’t “the next Flappy Bird”), but I constantly find myself on a quest to make it further than my last chicken/duck/unicorn/etc..

It’s that “etc” that’s really going to keep you hooked. In addition to the Frogger-style gameplay, players will earn in-game currency that they can spend in a gashapon machine to unlock new characters. It’s very much a “gotta catch’em all” experience.

Find our for youself when Crossy Road hits the App Store on Thursday, November 20th.

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