‘Crashing Season’ Is the Gorgeous Game Koukoi Was Teasing

Earlier in the month we posted an eye-catching teaser pack of images that Koukoi Games released. The teaser featured adorable polygonal animals being chased through the wilderness by hunters…or in the case of a particularly defeated-looking walrus, surrounded by musket-bearing penguins all sporting top hats. At the time we had no idea what any of this meant. A game about hunting animals? A game about running from hunters? No idea.

Well now we at least know what we were looking at.

Koukoi Games announced that Crashing Season is the name of the game, and while there isn’t too much more information on the game, the Crashing Season website lists the game as a, “super fun physics based 3D mobile game.” Players will control the fleeing animal in a number of different chase scenarios. Outrun the antagonists and collect coins and stars to unlock more characters and progress further into Crashing Season.

Look for Crashing Season to release towards the end of the summer for smartphones and tablets.

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