Contract Killer 2 Preview

The Contract Killer is back in action in Contract Killer 2, a new game of international assassination with bigger hits and higher stakes than ever before.

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The Contract Killer is back in action with bigger hits and higher stakes than ever before

Everyone has to earn a living – and you earn yours from killing. As a master assassin, you’ve gone up against the Mafia, the Cartels and the Yakuza, but you’re just getting started. The sequel to Contract Killer sets you off on an international adventure, with all the weapons and skills you need to get the job done up close or from far away.

Contract Killer 2

Contract Killer 2 features both first-person sniper missions and third-person assault action, in which you can use cover to approach your targets stealthily or just charge straight in, guns blazing. Different missions will have a variety of different objectives, and more than 100 unique “Challenges” await achievement on your “Frequent Killer Club Card.”

Weapons are upgradeable with things like scopes to improve accuracy, higher-capacity magazines and silencers for those moments when you absolutely, positively have to kill somebody without waking up the entire neighborhood. You’ll also be able to bring more personal party favors along on jobs, like knives, brass knuckles and flash-bang grenades.

Contract Killer 2

Contract Killer 2

Developed by Glu Games, Contract Killer 2 is free-to-play, but as usual, some bonus items can be purchased for real money. It sounds like a lot of fun, and based on screenshots, it looks pretty fantastic too. I don’t aspire to be a nut with a gun (or even a highly-trained professional with a gun), but I’m definitely looking forward to trying this game.

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