Clean Up the Night Sky in ‘Fates and Constellations’ Next Month

By Jillian Werner |

Developer Rotten Mage, the creators of spaceship-hijacking tower defense game Spacejacked, are launching their first mobile title next month. Fates and Constellations will be slightly less frantic than their previous release, trading alien-invading insanity for star-splitting serenity.


The goal in Fates and Constellations is to remove “rogue” constellations from the night sky by breaking apart the connections between stars. Players will be given a set number of “splits” on each level—this is how many times they can split their breaking line—and will need to break every connection before running out of moves. These splits are cumulative, so when you split a line once, it forms two new lines, but when you split it again, you’ll have four lines to work with and so on. This allows you to reach many distant areas with only a few moves but also creates the challenge of managing numerous diverging paths all at once.

The other challenges come from the fact that you cannot hit any of the white stars with your lines, as well as bonus goals like collecting yellow stars or entirely avoiding red lines. Rotten Mage has stated that there are multiple solutions to each puzzle, so players will be free and encouraged to try different paths to complete the over 200 levels available. In addition to the lovely blue theme we see in the video below there will be other background colors and styles to keep things fresh, like a dusky purple cityscape.

Fates and Constellations is scheduled to launch February 27th on iOS. So far it looks like a soothing yet mentally challenging experience, which is our favorite type of puzzler. We also love how their “rogue” constellations form their own recognizable shapes: we’ve seen Pac-Man and what might be an antennaed alien, although other players may find their own prizes in the same stars.

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