Clandestine to Offer a Unique Twist on Co-Op Espionage

By Jim Squires |

There are two kinds of spy fanboys out there; those who like the explosive action of James Bond, and those who prefer the subtler style of John le Carré. I find myself firmly rooted in the latter camp, but have yet to find a game that delivers on tension over action.

I’m not sure if Clandestine will fill that void — their website does describe the game as “stealth action,” after all — but it also throws around words like “mystery” and “thriller.”

More importantly, the game will feature asymmetrical co-op with players filling different roles to progress through the story. If a good spy story needs anything, it’s a network of like-minded spies.

A trailer was released along with the game’s announcement back in November, but if you’re really looking for something juicy, check out the developer diary video above. Developer Logic Arts released it to the web earlier this week, and it delves into the story in a way that has me hoping (maybe a little too much) that we’ll get a game that knows how to create espionage tension without resorting to violence at every turn. At the very least, it seems as though the players will be taking up two very different roles.

Am I expecting too much from a game that looks more like Metal Gear than mental chess? Probably. We’ll know for sure when Clandestine hits PC later this year.

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