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Are you a bad enough dude to listen to the Vice President of the World?

Let’s say you’ve just been named Vice President of the World. What do you do with your newfound position of power? If you’re the main character in Eden Industries’ upcoming game Citizens of Earth, you gather up a group of everyday folks and put their unique skills to use in a humorous yet epic RPG adventure. Yeah, that sounds better than sitting around and letting the President of the Earth get all the glory.

Of course your bureaucrat may have initially had thoughts of taking it easy, but that’s going to change once he discovers the weird things going on in his hometown. Things like people, animals and other objects getting fused together to make menaces like a sentient coffee plant and the Rastafarian Samurai – which given the tone of the game, is probably exactly what it sounds like. Since your Veep won’t have much luck taking on these baddies on his own, he’s going to have to enlist some help.

Citizens of EarthCitizens of EarthCitizens of Earth

But forget tired tropes like warriors and mages. Your party will be made up of characters like the Barista, the Homeless Guy and the School Teacher. Each will have the mighty powers their names might suggest, so the Barista should be able to whip up a mean latte. Eden is promising that all of the citizens will be useful and fun to take into combat. There’s also plenty of motivation to try out all of them, since they will improve in their non-combat roles the more you use them in battle.

That means the Pharmacist might have new items for you to buy at his shop, and the School Teacher could help other characters level up faster. The developers have hinted at all kinds of interesting possibilities, including the unlocking of vehicles and dungeons, information on enemies, new functionality and more. All of the characters are designed to easily swap in and out of your party, resulting in a system that should encourage both newbies and veteran RPG players to experiment with different combinations.

Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth

Since the citizens have to respect your authority as Vice President, they will head into battle on command – a useful feature since the game will have no random encounters. The Eden Industries team used a “broader, not longer” philosophy for Citizens of Earth that will make it as casual or obsessive as desired. Look for a main quest line that runs about 10 hours, along with plenty of optional content that can vastly expand the overall experience.

A mix of old and new school graphics will bring all these adventures to life. The 2D characters are done in a cartoony, slightly exaggerated fashion that calls to mind RPGs of the past, yet Eden is infusing the graphics with a number of modern touches like bloom lighting, dynamic particle effects and real-time lighting. The company is even bringing the distortion effects from its puzzle game Waveform to really try to blow your mind.

Suffice it to say that even though Wikipedia has me doubting whether Vice President of the World is really a thing, playing second banana has never sounded so action packed. If this sounds like your ideal public office, click the ‘Follow’ button at the top of the page and find out more details as we learn them.

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