Chesster to Bring Match-3 and Chess Together

Was it feeling a little like you’d seen all that Match-3 puzzling could offer? Chesster hopes to change that viewpoint by combining Match-3 with a board full of chess pieces.

From Surprise Attack Games, the makers of last year’s puzzle hit, Fort Meow, Chesster is set for release on March 17. The game has you creating rows or columns of matching pieces to score points. So far, so Match-3, right? The trick here is that pieces move the same way as they do in chess, meaning you have to plan more carefully, rather than simply move adjoining pieces.

You’ll be able to move three pieces each turn, with victory coming down to being able to think many moves in advance. It sounds like it could be a real recipe for success, potentially revitalizing the genre.

We’ll know more when it comes out on the App Store next week.

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