Chain Chronicle Release Date Set for December 8th

Last week Gamezebo brought you news of Chain Chronicle’s English language debut; an Australian soft launch that left many a mobile gamer around the world green with envy.

But you won’t have to be envious for long.


SEGA has announced that the worldwide English-language Chain Chronicle release date is December 8th, 2014. For those of you without a calendar handy, that’s less than a month away.

Why should you be excited? Our earlier coverage of Chain Chronicle can give you all the details, but here’s the short version: it’s an original mix of RPG combat and real-time lane defense. Imagine Final Fantasy meets Plants vs. Zombies, and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

Chain Chronicle is a massive hit in Japan, comfortably maintaining a spot as one of Japan’s top grossing apps since it’s release in  the summer of 2013. Can it repeat its success in North America? We’ll find out when Chain Chronicle releases on iOS and Android on December 8th.

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