Caterzillar Is Munching Its Way onto iOS on May 12th

Caterzillar is a cute looking 2D platformer that sees you guiding a hungry proto-butterfly through a series of increasingly challenging levels. You need to leap, nom, and defeat enemies if you want to succeed.

And the good news is that it’s set to hit the App Store on May 12th. That’s in eight days, which isn’t very long to wait at all. So long as you’re patient and well behaved.

The game is developed by PizelZapp!, the one man dev team behind space-based head-scratcher Puzzle-Rocket, and published by Noodlecake.

There are 32 levels, spread across four different worlds, with the big twist here being that Bob, the titular Caterzillar, can stick to pretty much any surface, adding a new flavour of exploration and experiment to proceedings.


You’ve got additional challenges on the levels as well, like munching all of the fruit available, and grabbing the stars that are hidden around the environment. Perfect if you’re the sort who likes to make sure you’ve done everything you can do in a game.

If all of that has tickled your insectoid taste buds, then you need to keep an eye on the App Store on May 12th, when Caterzillar will land for the pretty nice price of $2.99. It should be hitting the Google Play Store a few weeks after that as well.

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