Cate West – The Velvet Keys Preview

Six months after the events of Cate West – The Vanishing Files, author Cate West must track down Wesley Carr, the man behind the The Vanishing Files, to the city of Damasca where she discovers a new mystery – a dead body that never decays. When more bodies start appearing, Cate must now turn to the enigmatic Velvet Keys to uncover the hidden secrets behind these murders. Keep reading for more details about Gamenauts upcoming hidden object game Cate West – The Velvet Keys.

According to the game’s developer, Gamenauts, The Velvet Keys has seven different variations of the hidden objects gameplay and five types of mini-games spread across 12 long chapters. Like the first game, there will be three different endings that depends on the player’s final score. In terms of the overall theme, it’s darker than the first game. Instead of asking the player to figure out the criminals, you’re now tasked in resurrecting the dead victims by collecting their memories using the Velvet Keys.

"We’ve taken the feedback from our fans for the first game and implemented changes such as: the ability to find items much more quickly in a row and varying the structure from one chapter to the next so that things won’t become as repetitious as before," Gamenauts CEO Stanley Adrianus told Gamezebo. "You will also find that the game’s art and production values have been increased and the atmosphere is more spooky and immersive now."

The game should be out sometime in the last half of April. Check back to Gamezebo and we’ll let you know the instant the game launches.

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