Castaway Paradise Coming Next Week

While there are plenty of Nintendo-alikes on the App Store, no one has really managed to pull off (or even attempt) a proper Animal Crossing inspired game. Castaway Paradise will be the first, and by default, I guess that makes it the best? I suppose we’ll find out next week.

The game has been in soft launch in Canada for awhile, and developer Stolen Couch Games has just announced that it will be hitting the rest of the world with a Castaway Paradise release date of October 9th.

“One in seven Nintendo 3DS owners has bought Animal Crossing for $40,” said CEO Eric Diepeveen in a press release today. “We are bringing a similar experience, but free of charge to iOS & Android. The potential for our games is incredible and we are confident that we will become a top tier developer within the next two years.”

Like Animal Crossing, players will arrive in a new town (or in this case, island) to build and decorate their home and help the townsfolk with a myriad of requests.

Keep an eye out for Castaway Paradise next Thursday.

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