C.A.T.S Is The New Game From Zeptolab, Coming April 20th

C.A.T.S stands for Crash Arena Turbo Stars. And I think that gives you a pretty good idea about what to expect from Zeptolab’s next mobile game. And you won’t have long to find out if you’re right, since it’s hitting app stores next week, on April 20th.

The game, from the developer behind Cut the Rope and King of Thieves, sees you building giant smashy robot machines and then taking them into the arena. The stronger your robot, and the better your build, the more chance that you’ll come out victorious. And let’s be honest here, no one wants to come out of the arena a loser. Especially not a turbo loser.

Plus you’re not just trying to smash up AI controlled vehicles. You’re fighting against the deadly car-killing machines of other players. All the more reason to make sure that you’ve got the best vehicle going.

Obviously the game features felines behind the wheel of all of the crunching machines of mechanical violence. Because if you called a game C.A.T.S and it didn’t feature cats a lot of people would be really, really disappointed.

There are leaderboards and championships to work your way through. And you’ll be able to toughen up your vehicle with the toolboxes you win for competing in fights.

It sounds like just the right mix of manic and cute. Which is something Zeptolab is definitely good at. Anyway, we don’t have long to wait to find out. The game will hit the App Store and the Google Play Store on April 20th.

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