Burn Your Fat With Me Preview

Where no dating sim has gone before

Let’s face it: most gamers aren’t particularly famous for their impressive physique. While we’re not saying the stereotype is always true, there’s a reason that it exists. With mobile devices, gamers have been getting plenty of new ways to integrate exercise into gaming. You can enter a zombie infestation in Zombies Run!, and even enter international conspiracy with CodeRunner, but Creative Freaks is about to take the fitness genre somewhere even crazier: dating.

In Burn your fat with me, players can exercise within the realm of a stereotypical Japanese dating sim. When Maya, your childhood friend, remarks at the weight you’ve gained since you’ve last met, she agrees to help you train with an exercise routine.

In Maya’s initial game, players rest their mobile device on their legs and tap it each time they complete a sit-up repetition. Maya’s character will count each repetition while also shouting words of encouragement. As players complete more workouts, they’ll unlock the ability to perform more work out routines, such as push-ups and squats.

Burn Your Fat With Me

Completing more workouts increases your in-game character’s attractiveness, opening up plot and dialogue options for the dating sim portion of the game. Two additional characters, Yuki and Marika, are also planned to be integrated in future expansions of the game.

Due to popularity of the game in Japan, an English localization is planned some time within the Summer or Fall of 2012. It might be one of the most absurd combinations of genre’s you’ll ever see, but if it helps people stay in shape, who’s to complain?

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