Burn the Rope: Worlds Preview

Burn the Rope: Worlds gets a scorching hot trailer

When Burn the Rope hit iOS last year, we were instantly bit by the fire bug. Then when the sequel was announced last week? We were simply aflame with delight! Of course, the lack of video during the announcement extinguished our blaze a little. Screenshots of fire look great and all, but what we really want to see is burning in action! It looks like the team at Big Blue Bubble felt the same way, as they’ve just unveiled the following trailer.

The video reveals a few new tidbits, letting us know we can expect four worlds, four new flames, and 100 levels. Players will play in Mechanical World, Fantasy World, Jungle World, and Outer Space – all with puzzles themed to each. We’re also given our first glimpse of the game’s new “Endless Burn” mode, which looks a little like Burn the Rope meets Snake.

Gamers eager to scratch their fire itch can expect to play this one before the end of the month.

Burn the Rope: Worlds coming this September

Pardon the pun, but it’s just too easy a fact to state: when Burn the Rope debuted on iOS last December, it set the gaming world on fire. A huge hit right out of the gate, Burn the Rope quickly rose to the top of the puzzle charts for portable gamers, and then later, the Wii. Developer Big Blue Bubble has just confirmed that even more fire play is on the way from their studio with the announcement of Burn the Rope‘s sequel, Burn the Rope: Worlds.

 Worlds  Worlds

No real details have surfaced thus far, but Big Blue Bubble are promising “totally new and unique gameplay mechanics combined with the well known gameplay and visual style.” A little something old, a little something new – exactly what you might hope for in a sequel.

While there’s very little we do know, there are a two things we can confirm. First, players can expect a new game mode aimed at “more relaxed” gameplay. Second – you won’t have long to wait. Burn the Rope: Worlds will be launching this September.

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