Bubble Galaxy With Buddies Preview

By Andy Chalk |

Bubble popping goodness …now with friends!

Wun’erful, wun’erful – turn on the bubble machine! In Bubble Galaxy With Buddies, you’ll square off against friends and enemies alike in bubble-shooting contests of speed and accuracy.

In Bubble Galaxy With Buddies, the name of the game is to is to pop groups of bubbles on the screen by aiming and shooting matching bubbles at them as quickly as possible. You can challenge friends via SMS or on Facebook, or go up against random strangers if that’s more your thing. The action unfolds over alternating 60-second rounds, with victory going to whoever racks up the highest cumulative score over three rounds.

Bubble Galaxy With Buddies     Bubble Galaxy With Buddies

It sounds a bit like head-to-head version of the fairly common bubble-popper, but with a few added twists. You can play as one of three unique characters, each of whom brings a unique set of power-ups to the table, like Laser Sight, Time Vial, Meteor Bubble and Rainbow Bubble, and every completed mission opens up new areas of the “Galaxy Map” to explore, with new challenges to face and more power-ups and coins to unlock.

Gamers who play other “With Buddies” games can log into Bubble Galaxy With Buddies using the same account, and the turn-based gameplay means you can juggle multiple games at once. In-game messaging and optional push notifications are supported, and as suggested by the mention of “coins,” Bubble Galaxy With Buddies will be free-to-play, with access to extra goodies on tap for gamers prepared to open their wallets.

Bubble Galaxy With Buddies is coming soon the iPhone.

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