Brick Addiction – The Sunken City Preview

By Erin Bell |

Matt Lee, the head honcho at Magic Mask Games, told Gamezebo that he wanted to make a decent arcade brick buster because he was "sick of waiting for someone else to do it." Other than the Rebound/Ricochet series, he hasn’t been overly impressed with Breakout-style games in the casual space, and he’s hoping to make a splash with his upcoming offering, Brick Addiction – The Sunken City.

Based on the pre-release game demo we spent some time with, Brick Addiction is shaping up to be a well-crafted labor of love that adds several thoughtful new additions to the genre.

The game is set underwater, where as a marine archaeologist you investigate various tropical diving sites for treasure and other goodies. As is standard with the genre, you use a bouncing ball and paddle to break bricks while collecting the treasures and power-ups that fall to the bottom of the screen.

A curved, shock-absorbing paddle makes aiming more precise than some other brick-busting games. There are plenty of power-ups, bonuses and special bricks, including "inky" bricks that spurt out a cloud of black ink when hit that temporarily obscures part of the playfield; "boom" bricks that explode when hit, taking out nearby bricks as well; and spiky bricks that cause the ball to bounce in unpredictable ways.

When the game is complete there will be 350 levels and 10 difficulty settings that will let you adjust the speed of the ball. What’s more, the game will offer branching pathways that give the player choices about which order to complete the levels in. Players will also be treated to different endings depending on how many levels they complete on their way to "finishing" the game.

There’s no firm launch date for Brick Addiction – The Sunken City yet, but check back to Gamezebo and we’ll be sure to let you kow when the game’s out.

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