Box Cat Bash Trailer is Crazy Fun, Knows Mobile is ‘a Complicated Marketplace’

With so many games hitting mobile devices on a daily basis, we hope you’ll forgive us for missing the original Box Cat way back in 2011. After watching the trailer for its sequel though, this is definitely not a mistake we’ll be repeating.

Box Cat Bash looks to be a healthy dose of crazy car-bashing fun from a pixelated cat, and if the trailer’s humor is also present in the game, we’re sure it will be worth a look. Not only is the trailer full of silly goodness (and built around a classic Metal Gear Solid motif), but it lists “watch ads for other games” among Box Cat Bash’s many objectives for players. Why? As the colonel explains to Box Cat, “it’s a complicated marketplace.”

That sort of tongue-in-cheek awareness of the mobile market can’t help but put a smile on your face. And if you’d rather abandon that objective, Box Cat Bash will let you opt out of ads for a 99 cent purchase.

Expect Box Cat Bash on the App Store and Google Play next week as a free download.

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