Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo Preview

By Erin Bell |

Children’s software publisher Brighter Minds is excited about the upcoming release of its first downloadable game, Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo, and gave us some screenshots to share with you. Although Gamezebo doesn’t often preview kids’ games, we’re making an exception in this case since the co-developer is none other than Gamelab, the creators of Diner Dash, Miss Management, Jojo’s Fashion Show and other games that we love.

Although we’ve only seen screenshots of the game, we like the philosophy behind its development, which, according to Brighter Minds, is that "kids are people too. They love playing games and they deserve the same kind of quality us casual gamers have come to expect." After playing enough kid games with sub-par production values, we can safely say Amen that.

The game’s story is that the animals for the new Bobland Bay Zoo have arrived, but they’re way too early – in fact, the zoo hasn’t even been built yet. With the animals on the loose, Bob and his Can-Do crew need your help to build the animals a home. You’ll also have to stop the animals from causing mischief around town, like preventing the monkeys from playing on the school playground, moving the penguins out of the ice cream shop, and getting the lion out of the mayor’s office!

With a focus on critical thinking and problem solving, kids will complete fun and educational activities like matching games, hide and seek, painting and more as they work towards building all the animal habitats. They’ll earn stickers for building achievements and can use them to create their own scenes in bonus sticker mode.

The game promises to teach problem solving, pattern, spatial and size recognition, hand-eye coordination, shape and color identification, object classification, and planning and time sequencing.

Other features include three individual skill settings, more than 100 collectible stickers, the same voices as featured in the Bob the Builder television show, and the ability to play in either English or Spanish

If you have children or grandchildren aged 3 to 7 then you’ll want to keep an eye out for Bob the Builder: Can-Do Zoo when it launches on July 15.

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