Blue Madonna: A Carol Reed Mystery Preview

By Erin Bell |

Seventh Carol Reed mystery coming in Dec.

MDNA Games has announced Blue Madonna, the seventh Carol Reed mystery. The point-and-click adventure game will launch in time for Christmas.

Blue Madonna

As the story opens, Carol finds herself with a dead client. But did the artist Christina Falk really kill herself? If so, why did she phone Carol the day before her death wanting to hire her? Was it really Christina that called Carol at all?

Blue Madonna

There’s little information or clues to go on, but after Carol uncovers some curious circumstances leading up to Christina’s death she just can’t let it go.

Blue Madonna

Like previous games in the series (which include Black Circle, The Color of Murder, and East Side Story), Blue Madonna is a mouse-driven adventure game with a unique art style that superimposes graphics onto real photographs. The game also features a hint system that players can consult at any time.

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