Bloons TD 6 is on the Way This Year

When you’ve got a good thing going, as Ninja Kiwi does with the Bloons series, you don’t have to release much information to get people excited about what’s coming next. So when the studio revealed that Bloons TD 6 was coming this year, it didn’t need to give out any other details except that it will launch on both iOS and Android. Done.

One can reasonably assume that new towers and maps will be part of the plan, but we don’t know that for sure because Ninja Kiwi hasn’t said anything. And it doesn’t need to because there’s a good chance that mobile gamers will eat up Bloons TD 6 regardless. As Touch Arcade notes, Bloons TD 5 has been downloaded 10 million times since its release all the way back in December 2011.

There actually have been other Bloons games since then, including Bloons TD Battles, which switched things up by introducing heads up play against live human opponents, but this will be the first main series game in more than five years. And considering people have been speculating about its development for a while, there’s every reason to think it will head straight to the top of the paid app charts when it launches — where, by the way, Bloons TD 5 currently is in the top five.

In any case, Ninja Kiwi’s press release stated only that Bloons TD 6 would “maintain the series’ captivating balance of family friendly visual style and challenging, skill based strategic play.” It also suggested that the game would need ” an extensive balance and test period,” which means that if you reside in a region companies often use for beta testing new mobile games, there’s a decent chance you’ll get to try it out before the rest of us.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more news, because it’s pretty obvious there’s some pent-up demand for this one.

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