Blackjack by PlayPhone Preview

PlayPhone Blackjack doubles down on the App Store next month

Earlier this month we had a chance to check out PlayPhone Poker – a cross-platform poker game that, while familiar to the competition, offered a well-polished Texas Hold’em experience to iOS and Android gamers. Now PlayPhone is looking to grow their casino with the release of PlayPhone Blackjack, expected to release on the iPhone in early October.

Like their earlier Poker release, PlayPhone Blackjack will be a free-to-play multiplayer table game that recreates the fun and excitement of casino gambling. The game will support up to five players per table, as each player does their best to beat the house while chatting through the in-game communication.

PlayPhone Blackjack

PlayPhone Blackjack

The developers are promising easy access to friend invites, 5000 chips to start with, and 1000 free chips added to your balance every day that you play. Of course if you’re a high roller, additional chips will be available via in-app purchase.

Mobile devices have suffered something of a drought when it comes to good blackjack games, so as casino enthusiasts we’re a tad excited to see one with social play making its way to the App Store. An Android version is planned for sometime down the road, and it will be cross-platform like their earlier PlayPhone Poker, but until then, the only way to get your hands on this one will be with an iPhone.

Now I just have to dust off my skills and try to remember when it’s best to split, and when it’s best to double down.

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