Behind the Reflection 2: Witch’s Revenge Preview

By Brandy Shaul |

Can you save your son from an evil witch?

There are few things more precious than the bond between mother and son, and in Behind the Reflection 2: Witch’s Revenge, that connection is once again put to the test. As with the first Behind the Reflection, in the upcoming sequel you’ll track down an evil witch to save your son through an adventure spanning across both time and space.

 Witch's Revenge

 Witch's Revenge

Gameplay will see you completing both standard hidden object scenes (finding items on text-based lists) and fragmented object activities, as you pick up items from hotspots that can be used elsewhere in the game’s moody, dark locals.

The game’s five chapters (each in a different setting) will see you focusing on a chapter-specific set of objects that need to be repaired / gathered before moving on, with one chapter asking you to find pieces of armor for a skeleton who has come back from the grave, as an example. Another chapter may have you finding the five scattered pieces of an important drawing. All told, it looks like we’ll be able to completely finish all activities in one set of locations before moving onto the next.

 Witch's Revenge

 Witch's Revenge

Throughout Behind the Reflection 2 you’ll complete more than 45 puzzles and mini-games, explore 36 different locations and complete more than 20 different hidden object scenes as you unlock chests, dig through cash registers and more.

Behind the Reflection 2: Witch’s Revenge is set for release next week, so be sure to follow the game right here on Gamezebo to be notified the second you can help this desperate mother reunite with her son.

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