Bearzerkers Brings Fuzzy Wuzzy Adorable Slaughter to Kickstarter

We here at Gamezebo are big fans of bears in all their forms, but pandas are, objectively, the highest pinnacle of bearkind.

When we learned there was a game on Kickstarter all about pandas, we were thrilled. When we learned the objective of Bearzerkers is to kill said black and white bags of adorable, we considered boycotting the whole thing. But pandas – even murderous and occasionally dead ones – are too good to pass up.

Bearzerkers is an indirect multiplayer game. Rather than control the titular bears, you control the environment and trick them into braining themselves. It’s the full version of a game jam project called Pandamonium, and it looks like some hectic fun.


The developers are shooting for a fall release window on Mac, PC, and Linux. Thus far they’re sitting at just over half the required funding (a paltry $8,000), and based on the concept footage they seem a fair ways into development.

Bears aside, I’m a fan of this game-jam-prototype-turned-full-release trend happening on Kickstarter. It proves the developer has a core design in mind ahead of time, rather than just the promise of what’s possible.

It sure would be nice to see more of them succeed.

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