Battle of Toys Is a 2D Fighter That Packs a Plastic Punch

I’ve recently noticed that, somewhere along the way, I lost the imagination I had when I was a kid. For example, action figures were way more exciting back when I was younger. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy checking out Star Wars action figures as much as any other nerd does, but as far as playing with them goes…not so much.

You won’t see me playing with action figures these days…unless you happen to catch me playing Battle of Toys, a fighting game from TinyBytes Games.


In Battle of Toys players pick an action figure and go head-to-head against other action figures in a slug-fest that is all about timing. Once the battle begins, players must successfully complete quick-time events in order to pull off their fighter’s attacks. For example, players may need to stop a spinning circle in the correct zone of a circle, and then rapidly tap the screen to build up attack power. Missing the zone entirely will result in a missed attack, while waiting too long will result in the opponent striking first.

After winning enough fights, players are able to spend their earnings on upgraded parts for their action figure of choice, as well as purchasing entirely new figures (which I was happy to see come in their own stylish packaging), as well as additional designs for their unlocked figures.


Battle of Toys is wrapped into a narrative that is straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon, with the Techno Titans and Smash Heads attempting to save the world from the Sinister Lord Sinistorm and his evil minions.

Battle of Toys is available now in select regions, and will be launching worldwide on January 15th.

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