Azkend 2: The World Beneath Preview

Azkend 2 introduces new match-3 modes, seafaring story, and more

A sequel to the match-3 puzzle game Azkend is on the way from Finnish developer 10tons. Azkend 2 introduces a seafaring adventure with animated background art, scripted story sequences, and several new game modes including one called The Bug Hunt. Watch the teaser trailer behind the cut for a sneak peak at Azkend 2‘s gameplay and art.

“Our goal is to create a sequel that improves the game on all fronts,” said the game’s producer, Sampo Töyssy, in a press statement. “We’ve also listened to the customer feedback from the first version. For example, the game boards now scale to fill the screen and we also have a new game mode for those who like to reach for the highscore.”

Azkend 2

The “Visions” game mode will also return, but this time all sceneries are animated.

Azkend 2

Azkend 2 will be available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, bada, webOS and Symbian^3, and will launch before the end of 2011 on some – if not all – of these devices.

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