Avengers Alliance 2 Announced, and We’re ‘Super’ Excited

As a full and proper nerd, I’ve made no secret of my love for Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Originally released on Facebook (where we reviewed it many moons ago), Avengers Alliance was a perfect mix of superhero collecting, surprisingly deep RPG mechanics, and ham-fisted storytelling. As a comics enthusiast, I was in love.

Eventually the game later saw release on mobile platforms — though considering how much money I’d spent in the Facebook version, I never ended up making the transition to mobile (where your progress didn’t carry over).


This won’t be a problem any more. Disney Interactive has just announced the development of Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, a brand new game in the series that offers a visual makeover and plenty of new gameplay with a mobile-only approach. We don’t know much about the specifics yet, but we’ve learned that the game will be entering a limited beta in select territories “soon,” and that players who pre-register can unlock a Guardians of the Galaxy member for their squad.

The press release also confirmed some details about the story you can expect at launch:

[quote][P]ieces of the planet are disappearing, with entire cities vanishing without a trace. It is a mystery with a single clue: all of the disappearances are at previous sites of Incursions. Villains are taking advantage of the chaos, as well as the massive deposits of Iso-8 left behind by each disappearance.[/quote]


Keep an eye out for this one, true believers. If it’s anything like its predecessor, Avengers Alliance 2 will be fantastic, uncanny, amazing, and just about every other adjective Stan Lee can dream up.

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