Atari Fit Incentivizes Exercise With Game And Retail Rewards

Announced today, Atari Fit is a new project from Atari that is focused on getting people off the couch by gamifying the exercise experience.

By utilizing the Atari Fit app (along with other apps like FitBit and RunKeeper) individuals can track their exercise progress as they work towards unlocking classic Atari games like Centipede and Super Breakout as well as earning Walgreens Reward Points that can be redeemed in-store or online.

Atari Fit_PR Screen_7

The Atari Fit app is set to feature over 150 exercise routines that challenge users to not only beat their own scores, but the scores of other users…particularly their friends. The app will allow users to add their friends and work together to motivate one another to complete their own personal goals. From distance run to speed, pace, time, and calories burned, users can chart their progress and share their accomplishments utilizing the built-in social media integration.

Along with Walgreens, Atari is working closely with Michael Porter, performance enhancement specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, to ensure the app’s ability to curate a healthy, and active, experience for the user.

“By certifying all exercise and workout routines included in the app, Atari Fit is ensuring that  the programs are safe and effective,” Porter said in the press release. “The variety of programs and features incorporated were designed for users at every level, making exercising fun for the newest of  fitness followers to the most experienced athletes.”

Look for the Atari Fit app early next year.

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