AR Creature Collector ‘Monster Buster: World Invasion’ Coming Next Week

Monster Buster: World Invasion is an augmented reality adventure in which you capture a variety of monsters scattered around the real world and then battle them against other tamed critters. While this sounds like—and is—very similar to the gameplay of mega-hit Pokémon Go, Monster Buster predates Ninantic’s twist on the theme. It launched on Windows Phones in September 2014, nearly two years before Pokémon Go hit mobile. It has a slew of positive reviews on WP and has received regular content updates with new monsters and features since launch.

The latest version—along with yet another new update—will launch on iOS on May 24th. There are 40 different monsters to hunt down and recruit, with players given a choice between Bo, Slender, and Elefuntik as their starting partner. The creatures in Monster Buster have a grittier, darker look than the often overly-adorable Pokémon, reminding us a bit of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and its beautifully grotesque creations. Monsters not chosen at the start must be tracked down physically in the real world in their environment-specific locations, although there is a “Quick Fight” option for players who want to stay stationary and continue playing. The game also hides treasure chests in random locations to keep your searches interesting and rewarding. These chests contain ingredients that can be used in crafting, which creates special items that give your monsters boosts or unique abilities in battle.

While Monster Buster will certainly appeal to fans of Pokémon Go and other augmented reality games, it also feels different enough that it should provide a change of pace for players looking for a new way to fill their daily walks. The crafting system alone provides an extra layer of gameplay, but the game’s style, customization options, and unique monsters are all a significant draw as well. We’re excited to try this one out when it releases on May 24th and finally see what our Windows Phone friends have been enjoying all this time.

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