Antioch: Scarlet Bay is a Co-Op Gamebook from ‘Out There’ Creator

Out There was one of the most interesting mobile games of recent years, equal parts gloomy adventure and space-faring super tragedy. So it’s fair to say that when Mi-Clos reveals anything else it’s working on, we get pretty excited. And when that game is trying something as unique as Antioch: Scarlet Bay, well some of us are inclined to dance around making squeeing noises and throwing our inhibitions to the wind.

The game, which is set to land on iOS and Android later in the year, is a cooperative gamebook. You and a friend take on the roles of detectives, out to solve an intriguing mystery in the titular city.


It’s set in the ’80s, and the dev describes the atmosphere of the game as sitting somewhere near Twin Peaks. You’ll need to work together with your partner in asynchronous multiplayer to get to the bottom of all the shenanigans, or to mess up the case entirely.

It’s not all about agreeing though, sometimes starting an argument with your partner in crime-solving can lead to interesting new avenues of exploration. The whole thing sounds incredibly interesting, and Antioch: Scarlet Bay has already been a finalist at A.Maze at the Berlin Independent Games Festival, and has been nominated for two awards at Brazil’s BIG Festival.

Antioch: Scarlet Bay will be heading to smartphones, tablet, and Apple Watch before the year is out, and we will of course keep you updated as and when we hear more.

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