Antihero Is a Thieves Guild Simulator with an Oliver Twist

Does it say a lot about a person when they always choose to play as the thief-type character in every game that will allow it? Does it mean they’re destined to be back-stabbing traitors, or are they just ruthlessly seeking fortune by any means necessary?

I’m asking for a friend, of course.

If he were here, which he certainly is not, he would be all too excited to tell you about a cool new game called Antihero where players control not just one thieving scoundrel, but a whole guild of ’em!

In Antihero, a 4x strategy game from independent game developer Tim Conkling, players must manage a guild of thieves across a Charles Dickens-inspired cityscape. Using character classes like the Master Thief, the Urchin, and the Spy, players are going to be up to their elbows in pockets and doing whatever it takes to come out on top in this cutthroat world.


Asynchronous multiplayer is part of the experience, so players can blackmail and assassinate their friends whenever it is most convenient for them. How quaint!

Look for Antihero (and Tim Conkling) at PAX. Antihero is “coming soon” for Android and iOS devices.

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