Angry Birds Transformers Now Available in Canada

By Jim Squires |

While you won’t have too long to wait for the official Angry Birds Transformers release date (Oct 15 on iOS, Oct 30 on Android), eager gamers can transform and roll out immediately thanks to the game’s early iOS release in Canada that went live over the weekend.

After going hands-on with the first few levels, I’m pleased to report that Angry Birds Transformers seems to be good fun, if not a little too simple. Your hero will auto-run while you tap on pigs and towers in the background to take them out. With a variety of different things to target (will shooting that glass wall collapse the tower in the best way? Is there TNT I can make KA-BOOM?), it managed to keep me engaged despite it’s relative simplicity.

Plus, since I’m only a handful of stages in, I expect the difficulty is bound to ramp up soon.

If you can’t wait until mid-October to get behind the wheel of a bird-faced truck, be sure to grab Angry Birds Transformers from the Canadian App Store. Don’t live in Canada? Be sure to read our handy guide to learn how to get a Canadian iTunes account.

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