Ancient Spirits: Columbus’ Legacy Preview

New HOG explores the adventures of Christopher Columbus

After taking some time to focus on Nintendo DS and iPhone games, we’re happy to see that is coming back to downloads with Ancient Spirits – Columbus’ Legacy. Information about the upcoming HOG recently surfaced on the developer’s website.

Ancient Secrets - Colombus' Legacy

Here’s some more info about the game from the developer:

“What Virginia and her father, a famous archeologist, find anchored on the shores of a long deserted village, is the 500-year-old galleon of Christopher Columbus. Laden with a mysterious artifact, it stranded here on its way back from the New World. Strange, that on board everything looks like the powerful ship was abandoned only yesterday. Time seems to have passed by without leaving a trace…

When her father meets a mysterious end, Virginia begins to unveil the conspiracy. It seems that the ship is just one puzzle piece in the cabalistic mystery of a long past time.”

Ancient Secrets - Colombus' Legacy

The game will launch on the PC, Mac and Nintendo DS platforms. No word yet on a launch date.

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