Alto’s Adventure is a Stylish Snowboarding Game Coming Next Week

By Jim Squires |

As I type the words you’re reading now, I find myself afraid to go outside. Winter has been long and cruel, and with the wind chill, temperatures are -22°C.

The very last thing I want to think about is more snow.

And yet I find myself curiously intrigued by Alto’s Adventure. Launching next week on iOS, Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding game with familiar mechanics and a gorgeous presentation.


Gamezebo was given an early hands on with Alto’s Adventure, and after spending some time with it, it’s safe to say it draws the bulk of its influence from games like Ski Safari.

As a fan of its inspiration, it’s hard to see this as a bad thing.

Players board down the mountain at high speeds in an attempt to gather their lost llamas, performing as many flips and tricks as they can along the way to improve their score.

What really sets Alto’s Adventure apart, though, is the presentation. From the soundtrack to the visuals (which include a very natural day/night cycle), everything about this game is just a joy to experience. Add in other touches, like the scarf that grows in response to speed (a clever nod to Solipskier), unlockable characters with different strengths, and a few other stunts to help you chain together combos (grind, flip, grind!) and you’ve got the makings of an excellent entry into the genre.

Want to try it yourself? You won’t have long to wait. Alto’s Adventure lands in the App Store on Thursday, February 19th.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go put on a third sweater to brave this Canadian winter.

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