Advance Wars-inspired Warbits Confirmed for April 14

By Jim Squires |

While hundreds of games hit the App Store every week, there are always a few that fall between the cracks and never quite make it. A few games that get announced, and then seemingly disappear from the ether, never to be heard from again.

For me, Warbits was one such game.

We first wrote about Warbits back in the Summer of 2014, when the developers were promising it would be done “real soon.” Flash forward 20 months and, while the “soon” part no longer applies, we’re pleased as punch to learn that the “real” part very much does. The two-man team at Risky Lab has confirmed that Warbits will arrive on the App Store on April 14th.

Why are we so excited? For one, we’re big fans of Advance Wars — and by the looks of things, so are Risky Lab. The venerable strategy series from Nintendo hasn’t seen a new entry since 2008, leaving long-time fans like myself out in the cold for nearly a decade. Something needs to fill that void, and Warbits looks like a promising homage that could really scratch our itch.


Players who take the plunge can expect a campaign with 20 story missions, online and local multiplayer supporting up to four players, and 40 custom maps across four terrains.

It would be wrong of us to put the cart before the horse and show our giddiness before playing, but what can I say? We’re excited. WarBits will be an iOS exclusive available for $2.99 on starting April 14th.

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