10 Days to Save the World Preview

By Erin Bell |

FlyWheel Games gave us a peak at 10 Days to Save the World, the upcoming sequel to 10 Days Under the Sea. Set two years after the events of the first game, 10 Days to Save the World focuses on Carrie’s sister, Diana Salinger, as she tries to avert global disaster.

Two years after Diana and her sister found the mysterious amulet while hunting for important treasures, the Earth starts to experience a string of scary cataclysms, like flooding in Africa, and drought in Venice. Diana has a strange feeling that the amulet has something to do with the disasters, and sets out with her archaeologist father for clues about how she can stop the world from being destroyed.

10 Days to Save the World is a casual adventure game where you find objects to help solve puzzles in the scene. For example, in order to search for information on a laptop, you must first find the power cable to power it on, then find fuel for the power generator, then search for the key to the safe to get the password to log in.

10 Days to Save the World should be launching very soon. In the meantime, check out the screenshots provided by FlyWheel Games, or chat about the game in our forum.

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