Towers and Titans, from Rumble Games, Is a Free-to-Play Tower Defense with NFTs

Towers and Titans is an upcoming blockchain-based tower defence game from Alliance: Heroes of the Spire developer Rumble Games and you have a chance to get in on the playtest now. 

In case you’re not up on the lingo, blockchain gaming is a cutting-edge technology that lets you earn, buy, and sell potentially valuable NFTs. 

The Titans and Equipment are all able to be listed on the marketplace. These items can be obtained by completely free-to-play gamers, and accessibility seems to be a serious passion-point for Rumble Games.

Collecting valuable, functional Titans and equipment is all very well, but a game lives and dies by its gameplay and presentation. 

A Rich Tower Defense Game

Rumble Games clearly gets this. Spending over two years developing the gameplay alone, Towers and Titans feels like a very solid tower defence game in its own right, with a deep single-player campaign, PvP combat, and fun PvE content. Each stage has its own unique tower defence puzzle to solve, and bosses to combat.

The graphics are ace, too, with rich, colourful 3D environments and character models that are packed with detail.

And the Titans aren’t just for show. Like heroes in a conventional mobile RPG, they all have their own unique roles, traits, and upgrade paths, even among similar types.

Some of the different class types are Healers, Defenders, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, and Specialists.

Plus, each Titan aligns with one of five Elements: Fire, Nature, Water, Light, and Dark. These work on each other like rock-paper-scissors, with each one enjoying an advantage over one other element and suffering a disadvantage against another.

On top of all that, Titans have their own individual Traits, Skills, and Personalities, not to mention five different star levels and the ability to Evolve and Ascend. Potential team combinations are endless as the company boasts over 400 unique characters in the works.

Towers and Titans will be a seriously deep tower defence game even without the addition of NFTs, but Creator Rumble Games took on the task of incorporating web3 to honour its gamers. “People should own what they are spending currency or time collecting. We want to keep it simple, what you earn is yours to own (or sell), as it always should be in games in this day and age where it’s an option.”

Rumble Games will be hosting their first sale of NFT Titans near the end of Q4 of 2022. The game is slated to launch on PC, iOS, and Android in 2023. Between now and launch, the company has events, giveaways, AMAs, and Dev hosted events scheduled for its community. You can get involved with Towers and Titans, and get whitelisted by checking out their Website, Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Medium.

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