Thwart Lok’s Latest Scheme With A Tap Of Your Finger In Thor: War of Tapnarok

By Simon Reed |

Loki is at it again and has stolen Heimdall’s Crystal Staff so he can cause havoc in the kingdom of Asgard. This time he’s only gone and opened portals to all nine realms, which are spewing forth monsters intent on taking Asgard.

You, as Thor, have to put a stop to his mischief once and for all, and you’ll do so with a mere tap of your finger. Well, not just one tap – this is a clicker so you can expect to tap an awful lot to help Thor duff up all of the foes in his path.

You won’t be alone either, as you can recruit legendary characters like Valkyrie, Freyja, Tyr, and even the almighty Odin. You can upgrade all of them to increase their power and use their skills to defeat tougher opponents.

Of course, you can also power up Thor himself to pull off some incredibly powerful moves. One of these involves hitting an enemy in their weak spots, which deals insane damage.

As you progress, you’ll also locate one of 37 different Treasures from Asgard. These provide permanent upgrades that can seriously boost your power, allowing you to dish out enormous damage and upgrade your units faster.

Visually, it’s a stunning game – often appearing to be exactly like a comic book that’s come to life. The colours really pop and the characters are wonderfully designed.

If you’re a huge fan of the comic books, you’ll really get a kick out of Thor: War of Tapnarok. Not only do you explore all nine different realms, you’ll also experience a story based on Norse Mythology.

So head on over to Google Play or the App Store and grab this awesome new clicker right now.

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