Slam-Bang is Good, Destructive Fun

Have you ever just wanted to drop a rock on someone? If the answer is “yes,” you should probably alert the authorities to make sure you don’t cause anyone serious harm in the future. And while you wait for the police to pick you up, you may as well use the time to play Slam-Bang — a game that seems to fit your own fantasies of rock-dropping skullcrushery.

Slam-Bang is a game of catapults and rocks from first-time publisher MOD games that is now live on the App Store. Like a lot of content nowadays, it’s a fairly simple affair — but that hasn’t stopped it from quickly getting its hooks in me. The object of the game is to fire a rock across the screen and keep it moving by smashing into the waiting orcs below, smooshing as many of them as possible (and hopefully gaining a little lift / speed in the process).

slam bang

You’ll only be able to smash down three times, but you’ll earn some of those back so long as you kill enough orcs. You’ll also be able to smash specific orcs for special perks, like a bomb-carrying orc that will fling your rock far higher into the air, or a treasure-carrying orc that will help top up your funds so that you can purchase upgrades.

The goal of the game is to have enough velocity to smash through all of a level’s gates — and that’s not an easy feat. At the time of this writing, I’ve been dabbling for half an hour and still haven’t completed the first stage. That’s ok though, as I’ve had no shortage of fun trying.

Slam-Bang is far from the biggest game on the App Store, but it’s the kind of simple, silly fun that so often makes mobile gaming great. Don’t let this one slip under your radar. If our early impressions are any indication, Slam Bang is 99 cents well spent.

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