Pokémon GO: How to Prepare for Totodile Community Day!

By Simon Reed |

Welcome to 2019! Niantic is kicking things off with its first Community Day event of the year, featuring the Gen 2 starter pokémon Totodile. Not only will totodile appear commonly in the wild, but we’ll also see a couple more cool bonuses! Eggs will hatch at one-quarter the usual distance, and lures will be active for 3 hours instead of half an hour. The event will be active on Jan 12, giving you a lot of time to prepare.

Though it’s called Community Day, it will actually only last for 3 hours. That’s not a lot of time, so you’ll have to work quickly if you want to find enough totodile candies to evolve one. It’s worth doing so, since any totodile that is evolved into a Feraligatr during this event will recieve a mystery move!

Here’s how you’ll want to prepare for the event:

  • Find out when the event will start in your region.
  • Stockpile enough pokéballs so that you won’t run out before the event ends
  • Save up enough Pinap berries to help you rack up the Totodile candy during the event
  • Gather as many totodile candies as you can beforehand – walk one as your buddy, or use up any rare candies you may have
  • Save all your 7km and 10km eggs for the quandriple hatching speed
  • Have at least one Lure, although you will likely be able to find a pokéstop with one already active

Though Niantic hasn’t confirmed it, it’s quite likely that a shiny totodile will be available to find in the wild, since other community days have featured shiny versions of their featured pokémon. It’s a beautiful turquoise rather than its usual blue, and looks fantastic on Croconaw and Feraligatr as well.

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