Pokémon GO: 2018 Holiday Event Guide

By Simon Reed |

Pokémon GO’s December Holiday event is back! Now’s your chance to get your hands on a bunch of different seasonal pokemon, including Santa Hat Pikachu and the gift-giving pokémon Delibird! Pick up a free incubator from a pokéstop, and get ready to hatch a bunch of rare pokémon! In addition, some brand new pokémon from Gen 4 have been introduced, and they’re here to stay even after the event ends. It’s active right now, and will run until the 2nd of January with a different bonus appearing every four days!

Santa hat pikachu in Pokemon GO's holiday event Shiony Delibird in Pokemon GO's holiday event

Special Pokémon

  • Santa Hat Pikachu makes a return this year, as well as Delibird. This time, there’s a chance to find a shiny Delibird!
  • Ice type pokémon Sneasel, Snorunt, Jynx, Swinub, Spheal, and the brand new Snover will spawn frequently in the wild.
  • Pre-evolutions Munchlax, Smoochum, and Azurill have a higher chance of hatching from a 7 km egg.
  • Brand new Gen 4 pokemon introduced, such as Croagunk and Toxicroak, Bronzor and Bronzong, Skorupi and Drapion, and Finneon and Lumineon.

Note: Though Swinub can evolve into Piloswine, its final evolution Mamoswine doesn’t seem to be available yet. Likewise, Snorunt is unable to evolve Frosslass.

Other Bonuses

These bonuses will be in effect one at a time throughout the event:

  • Active now: Earn x2 candy for catching and transferring pokémon (This counts for Pinap berries too!)
  • Dec 22: Earn x2 stardust from catching pokémon
  • Dec 26: Earn x2 XP from catching pokémon
  • Dec 30: Egg incubators hatch in half time

Though there aren’t as many newly introduced pokémon as there were in Pokémon GO’s last Christmas event, it’s still great to see new arrivals. For the entire duration of the event, you can get a one-use egg incubator from your first pokéstop spin of the day. Plus, there’s some seasonal Delibird clothing you can get from the shop while the event’s live.

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