Mobile Legends: Adventure, the Acclaimed Idle-RPG, Is Getting a Bunch of Events for Christmas

By Simon Reed |

Mobile Legends: Adventure, the absolutely stellar idle-RPG from Moonton, is getting a host of exciting new events and rewards to celebrate the festive season. 

The game sees you training different squads with more than 70 heroes so you can battle your way through a campaign filled with puzzles and battles.

From the 14th of December you’ll be able to buy four new Christmas skins too, including a Reindeer skin for Lunox, an exclusive Christmas Star skin for Claude, a Dragon Slayer skin for Freya, and a Force Warrior skin for Saber. 

These will be available all the way through to the 2nd of February 2021, but there’s a 50% discount if you buy them in the first two weeks, so you’d best not tarry. 

Next up, there’s the Goddess’s Blessing event, which runs from the 18th to the 25th of December and sees you completing daily tasks in exchange for a bumper gift on Christmas day: an epic Lunox. 

The Icy Brawl event, meanwhile, involves entering a boss challenge once per day – though you can choose to abandon your attempt and retry. The more damage you cause, the more rewards you’ll earn. This one lasts from the 18th till the 31st of December. 

The Snowball Fight event takes place on the same dates, and sees you collecting snowballs by taking part in the Icy Brawl event detailed above, and then embarking on a Christmas treasure hunt.

Only joking. In fact, you’ll simply play for the chance of faction draws, sacred contracts, upgrade stones, three-star fragments, and so on. 

If you don’t fancy entering the Icy Brawl event, you can also buy snowballs, and you get to choose your ultimate prize before starting a treasure hunt – though you can replace it before opening it if you like.

Lastly, there’s the cosy-sounding Christmas Hygge event, also running from the 18th to the 31st, which gifts you a box of gloves when you claim hang-up rewards and complete missions. 

These gloves can be gifted to others, and after the event they’ll be exchanged for rewards. Various Xmassy Avatar Borders will be released after you’ve completed the event too.

In addition to all this, various medals are available at various points throughout the holiday season for completing certain tasks. These can be as simple as logging in on Christmas day, or as challenging as dealing 50 bars of damage to the Yeti in the Icy Brawl event.

You can download Mobile Legends: Adventure for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.

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