Unlock Scarlet Watch now in Marvel Strike Force: We tell you how

One of the Avengers with the most unpredictable powers has arrived in Marvel Strike Force. We’re talking about the Scarlet Witch, whose powers in this game reflect her classic comic book portrayal more than the version of the character seen on the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For starters, Scarlet Witch’s basic attack, Hex Bolt, does damage but also applies a random negative effect — possibly more than one once you level the ability up. Chaos Wave does the same thing to all enemies, and Power of Chthon can spread debuffs from one foe to another like a virus. Pretty cool stuff, even if it might cause some tension in battle when you aren’t 100 percent sure which negative effects will result.

In any case, Scarlet Witch will be a great character to add to an Avengers-based team and to help you tackle the Mystic Forces Rising campaign, which requires (perhaps obviously) Mystic heroes and/or villains. So let’s discuss how to get started getting her on your side, shall we?

How to unlock Scarlet Witch in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

As with many heroes when they are first added to the game, Scarlet Witch has her own event. It’s called The Nexus Guardian, and since it has Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty options, it should be accessible to anyone playing, regardless of how much time you’ve sunk into Marvel Strike Force up to this point. There is, however, a catch …

The Easy event map has no character requirements whatsoever, so just bring your strongest team and kick the crap out of the enemies, which should be … wait for it … easy. Alas, the Medium map requires you to have three Mystic characters and the Hard map forces you to battle with a full team of five Mystic heroes or villains. The eligible characters include the following:

  • Black Panther
  • Doctor Strange
  • Elektra
  • Iron Fist
  • Hand Assassin
  • Hand Sentry
  • Hand Sorceress
  • Loki
  • Mordo
  • Nobu
  • Ronan the Accuser
  • Thanos
  • Thor
  • Ultimus
  • Yondu

You can also use Scarlet Witch, of course, but since we’re assuming you’re only reading this article if you don’t have her yet, she probably isn’t an option.

In any case, similar to most recent character-specific events, every battle you fight in The Nexus Guardian has a chance to drop Chaos Orb Fragments. Each node on all three maps has a total amount of fragments it will yield, and you can simply clear it with three stars and then use Auto Win as needed until you mine them all. The Easy map, for example, will produce a total of 14,000 Chaos Orb Fragments.

Will that be enough to unlock Scarlet Witch? That depends. Every 2,000 Chaos Orb Fragments can be traded in for a single Chaos Orb, each of which will produce somewhere between five and 25 Scarlet Witch shards. You’ll need 45 shards total to add her to your roster, so it’s very possible that if you just hit one of the first seven Orbs for more than the minimum yield, you’ll be able to unlock her.

Marvel Strike Force

That said, it’s obviously worth continuing to play The Nexus Guardian at as many difficulty levels as you can handle because the event is a good chance not just to add Scarlet Witch but to rank her up as well. In fact, it’s safe to say you probably won’t get a better shot at it any time soon.

Good luck on your quest to add Wanda’s hex powers to your team, and be sure to read our Marvel Strike Force guides to assembling a great team and clearing raids for more great tips and tricks.

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