Hero Hunters Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for all Modes

Team-based hero shooters are finally creeping their way onto mobile, and Hero Hunters is the current flavor of the day. It’s easy to see why, as Hothead Games seems to readily grasp what will work for mobile and what won’t for the genre. Hero Hunters is simple to learn and fun to play, but if you’re struggling to get started or want to improve your play, here are a few basic tips and tricks to help you succeed:

Get moving

In Hero Hunters, it can be very tempting to get behind cover and just stay there. Don’t do this. You need to keep moving, or eventually your cover will break or you’ll get hit by a grenade. Movement is one of the first things you learn in the tutorial, so get in the habit early of switching from cover to cover and being aware of when you’re looking up over the cover, and when you’re behind it. Otherwise, you’ll be a ripe target for both enemy fire and grenades.

Know your types

You’ll learn early on about the three types of heroes and how they relate to one another. Energy beats Biochem beats Mechanical, which beats Energy again. Keep an eye on your enemies, as even if you don’t have your typings memorized, a green arrow will show when you’re aiming if you’re strong against them, and a red arrow if you’ll be doing less damage. Gray enemies indicate no boost either way. If you’re weak against a certain type of hero, try swapping (where you can) or letting your friends or the AI handle the problem for you.

Do your dailies

As with any game that features them, you should always always always do your daily quests if you want to speed up your rewards. Dailies will reward you with plenty of currency and are never very difficult to do. In addition, you never need to pay for loot boxes. You can get silver chests multiple times a day and gold chests every few days, both of which include various currencies and hero fragments. Hero fragments can be combined to give you new heroes of their respective rarities, and are the best way to grow your collection after you’ve finished the initial introductory unlocks.

Other tips

  • During any fight, it’s best to save your charged skills for opportune moments. Don’t just use them as soon as they’re ready. This is especially true for support characters, as you don’t want to lack a big heal at the most crucial moment.
  • If you get a character with a gold skill, it’s worth it to invest in building that character. Gold skill characters are almost always the best once ranked up and their charged skills have incredible potential.
  • In single-player modes, if you’re struggling to finish a match, focus on the boss, biggest, or most powerful enemy. Killing it will often end the wave or the match and you won’t have to worry about smaller enemies. If the opponent keeps healing, focus down the healer first, then return to the big guy.

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