Five Reasons You Should Play Stunning, Vast World RPG Ark Legends

Fan of mobile RPGs? Well, you’re in luck, as there’s a brand new one on the way that will scratch every itch you have, Ark Legends. This upcoming gacha takes everything you love about the genre but ramps it up …

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Fan of mobile RPGs? Well, you’re in luck, as there’s a brand new one on the way that will scratch every itch you have, Ark Legends.

This upcoming gacha takes everything you love about the genre but ramps it up to 11. A deep plot? Check. A wide open world to explore? Check. Plenty of heroes to collect? Triple check.

People who are in Canada and Indonesia can join the soft launch from November 1st to access the game. And with an exciting pre-registration campaign underway, there’s even greater incentive to throw your hat into the ring. Here are five reasons that we think you should check out Ark Legends.

A Gorgeous World Full of Adventure

The first thing you’ll notice when checking out Ark Legends is the mobile-defying visuals. It truly looks like a Pixar movie come to life, with expressive character models, flashy visual effects, and a colourful world begging to be explored. 

And explore it you shall, and in style no less. You soar across the world on the floating city of Syella, visiting a wide variety of biomes on the Aruthka Continent. Fiery islands, icy mountains, and lush forests all help bring the world to life.

You can freely explore it, too. The completionists amongst you will be pleased to see a percentage indicator revealing how much of each zone you’ve yet to see. With the help of that, no stone will be left unturned.

Intriguing Plot

It’s unusual for an RPG to not feature a detailed plot, and Ark Legends is no exception. You join amnesiac hero Alex on a journey to help bring peace to a fractured continent.

Why is there turmoil, you ask? Well, the inhabitants of the world unwittingly discovered technology far more advanced than their own, ushering in a technological revolution. While, initially, this was a time of great excitement, it didn’t last long.

Sadly, greed over the various technologies led to war, with only six alliances surviving the combat: Shield Alliance, Glacial Empire, Sacred Forest, Boil Blood, Luminaid Temple, and Umbra Covenant.

Though a tenuous peace did eventually settle in, a new organisation, Aquidro, stirred the pot again. That’s where you come in: can you help Alex put a stop to the evil organisation and mend the broken continent once and for all?

Massive Pool of Heroes

If you’re up for the task, you won’t go it alone. Ark Legends features nearly 100 visually-stunning heroes to recruit along the way. 

Each hero has its own unique set of abilities, but is based on one of six different classes, Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Defender, Warrior, and Support. 

If you’ve played an RPG before, you should have some idea of what each class type brings to the table.

Strategic Gameplay

Once you’ve recruited a few heroes, you can create a battle party out of them – and this is where the deep strategy of Ark Legends comes into play.

You start by building a balanced team, with frontline warriors protecting your backline DPS, while support keeps everyone safe.

As you progress, you can level up your heroes, unlock new talents, and equip them with gear that you collect – all of which makes them stronger.

That’s without mentioning the sigil system that allows you to unlock new attributes for each of your heroes, tweaking them to suit your play style.

Not all strategy is pre-battle though. Within battle you can choose exactly when to unleash each hero’s active skills, and set up combos that will decimate your opponents.

Wide Variety of Content

And there’s plenty of content to battle through, too. There’s a story campaign full of side quests and additional challenges, which you probably expect.

Along the way, you will complete daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that reward you with vital resources that allow you to progress.

When you feel you’re sufficiently powerful, you can venture into the dangerous Lost Sector, which rewards you with Sigil sets that reward your heroes with additional attributes.

Then there’s the Golden Vale, which throws bosses at you and rewards you with gold for beating them, and the Potion Institute, where you can battle enemies for XP potions.

Wrapping up the content is the Shadowkeep, which provides class-specific resources to train your heroes, the Elemental Valley, which provides you with cores, and Sky City, where you can get gold and diamonds.

Pre-register Right Now

If you live in Canada or Indonesia there is a soft launch from the 1st of November you can access this by using the redeem code HELLOARK.

If you like the sound of Ark Legends, you can pre-register right now on the official site. Do so, and not only will you help your fellow players trigger pre-registration milestones to get additional rewards, but you could also earn real life rewards. 

That’s right, Melting Games is giving away AirPods, Amazon gift cards, and more, and all you have to do is register your interest in this exciting new game to get a chance. To keep up with the latest updates, you can also check out the official Facebook page or TikTok.