Dead Zed Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

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Dead Zed is an addictive new zombie shooter by Not Doppler that challenges you to defeat hordes of zombies in the name of survival. As you pop heads you’ll earn cash that you can spend on new weapons and upgrades, which allows you to kill even more zombies with more ease.

To help ease you into this post apocalyptic nightmare, we thought we’d put together a beginner’s guide. We’ll talk you through how Dead Zed works before putting together some tips and tricks we found useful while playing.

Dead Zed Beginner’s Guide – How it Works:

Dead Zed is a very minimalistic experience. When you boot up a level, you’ll see a gun from a first person viewpoint and zombies streaming towards you. It shouldn’t take an Einstein to figure out what comes next.

Slide your thumb around the right side of the screen to adjust your aim, and tap on the virtual button on the left to fire. A reticle in the middle of the screen should help you aim.

You can also tap on the crosshairs icon on the left of the screen to pull up your iron sight, which will help you take out distant foes or simply focus your aim on a nearby enemy.

When you run out of ammo, simply double tap the fire button to reload. You can’t reload until the entire clip is empty, so don’t try it. You’ll just waste a ton of bullets.

Zombies can take a fair bit of damage before going down, but you can kill them instantly if you pull off a headshot. Given how small their heads are, and how much your gun sways before upgrades, it can be tricky to pull this off.

When you complete a level, you’ll earn experience, which helps you progress to further levels, and cash, which you can spend on new weapons and upgrades. From our experience, new weapons are rare but you can get an upgrade or two between levels, if not a couple.

You can also complete a series of daily and general challenges, which vary in difficulty. Pull these off and you can get yourself some extra cash for even more upgrades.

You’ll have to grind out a level before unlocking the next one, slowly earning experience to fill out a bar. You can speed this up a bit by watching adverts between levels.

Dead Zed Tips and Tricks:

Now that you understand the basics, let’s take a look at a few more specific tips and tricks that should help you progress faster:

  • Aim for headshots: Headshots are instant kills, while bringing down a zombie without them might take up to five shots, depending on the weapons. While headshots aren’t easy to pull off, it’s well worth aiming for them as often as possible.
  • Upgrade accuracy first: To help you pull off headshots more often, we’d recommend focusing on upgrading your accuracy first. Damage and reload speed certainly help, but you won’t really need them once you get comfortable pulling off headshot after headshot.
  • Use the most appropriate weapon: Sooner or later, you’ll be able to bring two weapons into battle with you. We recommend bringing something good at long and close range, and swapping between them depending on the threat ahead.
  • Watch adverts between levels: Watch adverts between levels to increase how much experience and cash you receive as a reward. It will help you progress much faster.
  • Focus on completing challenges: Challenges are another solid source of rewards, and many of them can be completed in no time at all. Take a glance at the list between levels to see if you’ve completed any or are near to.

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