Combat Reloaded is a fun, team-based multiplayer FPS that you can play for free right now

By Simon Reed |

Online multiplayer shooters on PC are a lot of fun, but they don’t generally create a welcoming environment for newcomers. They can be expensive, fiddly to set up, and they’re usually dominated by experienced players intent on ruining your fun.

Combat Reloaded is a brilliant alternative to the likes of Counter Strike and Rainbow Six Siege. It has all the same team-based multiplayer shooty action, but all you need to do to get it up and running is go to the game’s page on Poki and click ‘play’, either as a guest or with your own login. It couldn’t be simpler to play Combat Reloaded now.

Either way, you’ll go straight to a region menu, where you can choose the servers that are closest to where you live (to reduce lag). Then you’ll find yourself in the room menu, where you can choose a server to play on.

The room menu lets you know the titles of the map you’ll be joining, and this is where you first get an idea of how fun and playful Combat Reloaded is. There are serious-sounding maps called things like Infiltration and Port Acaba, but there are also more playful maps such as Football, Krusty Krab, and Minecraft.

As you can imagine, these let you fight it out in a football stadium, a Minecraft-esque world, and a life-size reproduction of the Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants respectively. Fun fact: you can even pistol whip a stranger at the sacred site of Machu Picchu.

The controls couldn’t be simpler. To move you use the classic WASD configuration. C lets you crouch while space lets you jump. You pick up guns with F, and you zoom with the right mouse button (left is for shooting, obviously). To carry out a melee attack you press V, and you can even lean left and right with Q and E.

In terms of game features, that’s all you need to enjoy a spot of Fortnite-style multiplayer carnage on your PC browser.

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