BTS World Upgrade Cards Guide: How to Upgrade Cards in BTS World

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BTS World is a brand new narrative driven RPG that challenges you to unite the popular K-Pop band BTS and help them put on their very first live show. You’ll achieve that by, primarily, collecting cards of each member and using them to complete various different missions to progress.

Cards come in a variety of different rarities, and to complete the later levels you’ll need to upgrade your cards star ratings. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you do just that by explaining exactly how the system works.

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BTS World – What Are Cards?

Cards are the primary collectible in BTS World, and you’ll need them to complete the various different missions you encounter. The game plays a bit like Top Trumps, with each of the cards having a number rating for one of four different statistics. During each level, you need to ensure a set number of cards adds up to a specific number for a number of different statistics.

That might sound complicated, but it really isn’t in practice. You’ll get the hang of it after just one mission. However, you do need to make sure that your cards are good enough to progress. That’s where upgrading comes in.

How to Upgrade Your Cards:

Before you upgrade your cards, you need to level them up to max level. To do this, you’ll need to use flowers, which you can earn by completing levels. If you’re short on flowers, simply revisit a previous level and complete it a bunch of times to earn the flowers you need.

As soon as you have enough, you can start levelling up your cards. Simply tap on the one you want to level up and then choose to level up an individual level or the maximum number of levels the current number of flowers in your possession allows.

To upgrade a card, you need to level it up to at least 30 and have upgrade stones in your possession. You can earn these by collecting duplicate cards or by exchanging DNA – which isn’t as weird as it sounds. Simply tap on a card, then tap on the little card symbol on the right side of the card to exchange DNA and get some upgrade stones.

Either way, as soon as you have enough upgrade stones and have a card over level 30, you can upgrade it to a higher tier of rarity by tapping the upgrade button. That’s it – that’s all there is to it in terms of upgrading cards in BTS World.

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