Amber’s Airline – High Hopes Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Simon Reed |

Amber’s Airline – High Hopes is a time management title with a comfortingly anodyne sitcom storyline on the side.

But don’t let its casual game trappings fool you – there’s more to get to grips with here than you’d expect. Just follow the tips below though and you’ll be flying high in no time.

  • Learn the patterns It’s very easy to start playing Amber’s Airline – High Hopes by simply being dragged along by the customers needs, simply rushing back and forth fulfilling their needs. However in later stages you need to be more prepared. When people go to a certain machine they will almost want a specific item or type of help, so anticipate what they want beforehand. You can queue up multiple actions by tapping in order what you want to do – master this and you’ll be on your way to making Amber very successful indeed.
  • You holding? It’s very important to understand that you can hold multiple items too. They are stored in the holster in the bottom left of the screen – having popular items in here means you don’t have to keep running all over the place to keep customers happy. However the holster only has three slots, so make sure you have the most popular items in your hands. This will save you precious time in the long run, and is almost essential in completing the later more hectic stages.
  • Mouse trap As with most GameHouse titles a mouse turns up in every stage, and you must tap it to catch it. Keep your eyes peeled for it as missing it can often be the difference between and two and three star final rating. One thing you can do to help you spot it is play the game with headphones, as a mouse appearing is signalled via a small squeak sound effect.
  • I heart you Pay attention to the heart ratings above customers’s heads. They’ll deplete if they’re not served fast enough, but you may also want to consider how fast you serve certain people – as many will begin with less hearts than others. It’s often worth serving people who arrive later but who have less hearts filled than those who are much happier and turn up earlier.
  • Upgrade your kit Make sure you don’t hoard up your funds too much. Spending your coins on new and improved equipment is essential in passing latter stages, and it’s often impossible to complete them without it. We recommend spreading your funds across a good number of areas however, as this way you won’t find your customers becoming annoyed and slowed down at a certain point/desk.

You can download Amber’s Airline – High Hopes right now via the App Store and Google Play.

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