Tonight’s 4 New iPhone Games You Should Know About

By Jim Squires |

Big releases almost always fall on a Wednesday night on the App Store — except for when they don’t. This week is a bit of a mix of the two. The good news? Most of what we’d have expected as tonight’s big releases are available to play right now. Some you’ll have to wait until tonight for. Either way, there’s plenty of gaming goodness for you to check out on your iPhone and iPad this week. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the full round-up.

Bejeweled Stars

Match-3 games are nothing new on the App Store, but when you look at the history of the genre, few names are quite as big as Bejeweled. The latest entry in the series makes its debut this week (get it now), with plenty of powerups, characters, and challenges themed to the weather and the night sky. Also, it has one of the strangest trailers we’ve seen in ages (above).

Leap Day

It may have taken them a few years to make the jump from browsers to phones, but in the last 18 or so months, Nitrome has become one of the most prolific game studios on the App Store. There latest is a vertical platformer with a twist: you’ll get a new level every day. (Get it now)

Talisman: Horus Heresy

Love the board game Talisman, but wish it had more space marines? You’re in luck! The Warhammer 40K version of this popular tabletop-turned-digital experience launched this week, offering all of the sci-fi goodness you’ve come to love from the series. (Available now)


Head scratching candy puzzling? Sounds tasty! PuzzlePops is the debut release from former Halfbrick designer Layton Hawkes, and it promises a level of challenge that you won’t find in other candy-based mobile puzzle games.

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